Keith Rosenbloom

About ME

Keith Rosenbloom is a co-founder of Cruiser Capital Advisors LLC, the discretionary investment advisor for the pooled investment vehicle. Since its creation, he has been in charge of the Cruiser Portfolios. Over the last many years, Mr. Rosenbloom has assisted the boards of directors of several public businesses in selecting and hiring highly qualified people to their boards of directors, resulting in increased shareholder value.


Mr. Rosenbloom has over 30 years of expertise investing in public and unique private situations using standard value-oriented personal equity tactics. Mr. Rosenbloom was the Portfolio Manager of the CARE Fund and CARE Market Neutral Fund at the CARE Capital Group, an investment firm specializing in hedge funds and alternative investments, where he co-founded and managed. 


Mr. Rosenbloom previously co-managed Comvest Venture Partners, a private equity and bridge loan firm, and worked for Commonwealth Associates as Director of Merchant Banking. Mr. Rosenbloom is also a Hillel International Board of Governors and Hatzalah (Israel's private emergency medical service). In connection with their alternative investment portfolios, Mr. Rosenbloom provides consultancy services to two family offices. Keith earned a bachelor's degree from Yale University. Mr. Rosenbloom has a strong background in corporate finance, mergers, and acquisitions, as well as public and private equity investing.